Men also need Fashion Tips..ok..

Hey people! We are back after a long absence. Just waiting for you to absorb the tips and information you have received!!

Like promised, its now about men fashion. Not surprisingly for the men it is not as complicated at the women. They have basic body shapes and basic fashions. HOWEVER that is no excuse for slacking off. Men NEED to look good… a messy, unshaven man is really hard on the eye.

So for men:

the Muscular, Bulky Man,Big and Tall, and the Shorter Guy.

see how simple it is! although there are is variation, you could be bulky and tall or muscular and short. however we will just tackle these shapes, and you can experience by combining if your body shape is not here.

Short man (5 feet, 4 inches or shorter):

  • Wear pants that fall past the ankle: While this is a good rule to follow for all men, this is crucial for short men.
  • slacks should have a natural break at the top of your foot.
  • Pants that fall shorter than that risk making your legs look shorter.
  • wear the same color or color family head-to-toe, it helps to elongate you. BUT not the exact same colors, like a green shirt and green slacks or something, one of the outfits usually the bottom one should be a shade lighter or darker.

Mascular man:

  • Avoid tight slacks
  • find a brand or designer that makes slacks that aren’t tight on your legs.
  • shop for shirts and blazers, buy a size that gives you room to move your limbs freely.
  • be able to flex in your jackets without straining the seams.

Tall man and Big:

  • Avoid too many patterns:  if you wear a patterned top, then the rest of your outfit should be plain and simple.
  • Dark colors are slimming: If you’re on the heavy side, black is universally slimming, as most women already know. Look into navy blue, charcoal grey and chocolate brown as other choices outside of basic black.


  • Wear pants that fit around your waist.
  •  buy slacks in a larger waist size, you don’t want the belly to hang over the waistband of the pants.
  • It’s best to buy slacks that fit around your natural waist.
  • Vertical stripes help to bring the eyes up and down, which gives the illusion of thinness.
  • Stripes should be narrow, not overly wide, for the best look.

And there you have it. Look and determine what your shape is. It will honestly help you, with a a lot of things… ESPECIALLY getting women…. or men (if you aren’t straight).

There are plenty more tips that can be given.. so go research in the meantime be sure to adhere to these rules. We will see you next time !!!

Go be Fresh fashionistas.

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