bringing the 80’s back with snap back hats

snap backs in different colours

What’s a snapback you ask?

All right, so you like wearing fitted caps and sporting your favorite sports teams, where you’re from, or you just plain love hats. Well, you might remember these things calledsnapbacks. These snapbacks are vintage hats that are pretty awesome and are the new trend these days. I love all kinds of hats especially fitted caps, fedoras etc. and I completely forgot about the snapbacks I used to wear back in the day.

Okay, okay…if you still don’t remember what they are, they are the hats with adjustable straps on the back that snap together. Thus, you get snapback. If you are familiar with trucker hats, you know what I’m talking about.

Clothing styles from different time periods get fashioned back in and well I’d say snapbacks are just about too cool right now. If you don’t really notice anyone sporting a snapback lately, try being the one to set the trend wherever you are. I’d bet that they’d compliment on how much of a throwback they are and will start sporting them also. Another thing I’d say is, personally, I think that they’ve¬†alwaysbeen stylish. The only thing was just that I forgot about them. I love my New Era Fitted caps but I think now it’s time to change it up.

You can find a bunch of snapbacks online at pretty good prices.

new york giants, oakland raiders, Miami dolphins, dallas cowboys etc

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